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The First Term of our Novitiate Process in the Montfortian International Novitiate, Philippines

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QUEZON CITY, Philippines - Six months have gone since we officially entered the novitiate, on 1st August, 2014.We have now completed the first term of the process. We are very grateful to God, through our Blessed Mother Mary, for giving us this golden opportunity, for His infinite love to us and for all the realizations we have received. Though it has been a long way, generally life has been good and the process very rewarding. Each day has been offering us great opportunities for our growth in various aspects of our lives, through the modules and other activities we have attended in the community as well as in the Exodus program. We have learned and experienced many things we were not aware of before. We have discovered a lot about ourselves, prayer and religious life. We have encountered God who loves us unconditionally and is constantly calling us to grow intimate with Him. We have been empowered to trust God, ourselves, others and creation. The process has really made us to become more human and to serve God and others with passion and unconditionally, especially the poor, the excluded and marginalized people in the society, in whom we recognize the face of Jesus. Furthermore, being an international novitiate, we have learned to appreciate the existence, giftedness and uniqueness of other cultures. We have reflected more on our lives and on the complex issues affecting both the society and the church of today. We really see ourselves that we are progressing and responding well to the process. We feel inspired and transformed. Many thanks to our formators, the Novice Master Fr. Mario and the Socius Fr. Sherwin, for the good work they are doing to help us grow and discern well. We also thank all those who are giving a hand in making our novitiate process a meaningful experience. As we go on with our journey, we ask God, through the intercession of our dear Mother Mary and St. Louis de Montfort, to continue to pour on us His infinite goodness and love. May we invite you too, our dear friends, to keep praying for us. Thanks!

-Bro. Damian Michael Abraham, nSMM

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