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SMM Brothers Participate in the Seminar-Workshop on News Writing

SMM Philippines
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QUEZON CITY,Philippines - The SMM collegians, scholastics and novices joined together for the Seminar-Workshop on News Writing on August 11, 2018, from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM. It was held at the Montfort Center of Spirituality, South Triangle, Quezon City.  The activity started with an opening prayer led by the novices and then followed by an animation which was led by the scholastics. Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM then introduced the facilitator, Mr. Filmore R. Caballero, a Public-School English teacher.  Mr. Filmore taught the brothers the essentials of News Writing that includes types of leads and writing leads for news articles. Everybody was given a chance to practice writing news articles. After the workshop, Mr. Filmore introduced Sports Writing to the brothers.  
It was a great learning experience for all brothers in the area of writing news articles for the publication and the website of the congregation. Towards the end of the seminar, Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM thanked Mr. Filmore for sharing his expertise to the brothers. The activity ended with a prayer, and a simple lunch was served and shared by everyone.  

- Bro. Jessie James C. Datulayta

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