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First Religious Profession of Brothers Damian, Armel, Bernard and Innocent

SMM Philippines
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QUEZON CITY, Philippines - After one full year of novitiate process, we have finally made our Religious Profession, on Saturday, August 01, 2015. Indeed, this was the appointed day of our first formal and public ‘yes’ to our covenantal union with Eternal Wisdom through Our Blessed Mother, in the footsteps and likeness of the poor Apostles and Father de Montfort, in the spirit of religious poverty, chastity and obedience. The function took place at 4:00 pm, at the Montfort Centre of Spirituality, in South Triangle, Quezon City. It was presided over by Fr Yoseph Putra Dwi Darma Watun, Assistant General, together with a considerable number of concelebrants including Fr Mario Belotti, our Novice Master, many confreres of the Philippine Delegation, and Fr Paul Mashonga of the Anglophone Delegation. The one-year-long novitiate journey, has been a grace-filled landmark of our holistic growth. The process has helped each of us to know our unique selves and to respond to our call to serve the world in the spirit of the Montfortian charism and spirituality. It now leaves us serene and peaceful like sheep, yet bold like lions to move into the world and care for all, especially the poor and the suffering. We sincerely thank the Lord, through Our Blessed Mother, for calling and molding us in His own likeness by means of the novitiate process. Indeed, God has blessed us as we echoed Mary’s sweetest song of praise, the “Magnificat”. As a Chichewa saying goes, sikadza kokha kaopa kulaula (literally, “it just does not come by itself for fear of surprising you”), endless is the list of the people who have labored selflessly and passionately towards the actualization of this spiritual growth. In a special manner, we recognize and honor the love and services of our Novice Master Fr Mario Belotti, his Assistant Fr Sherwin Nuñez, Fr Paul Mashonga, our respective Superior Delegates, Fr Louis Nkukumila and Fr Paul Lucero, and their council members, the Daughters of Wisdom and all the members of the Montfortian family, in a special way Ana Marie Fondevilla (president of Friends of Wisdom and coordinator of the “Totus Tuus” journey in the Philippines), the “Exodus” facilitators, all the brothers, sisters and friends we have met on various occasions and places. Finally, a very special thanks goes to our respective families. “Glory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to Mary in Jesus! Glory to God alone!” (TD 265).
-Bro. Innocent Mwanoka, SMM

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