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August 1st has been one of the most important days to remember for it has marked the end of our Novitiate journey and the beginning of another stage of our Formation in the Montfortian Family. It was a day for rejoicing as in one voice we thanked and glorified God for the blessings He has outpoured upon us.

We are aware that God has made our novitiate fruitful by using different persons and communities who have played a very important role in our growth process. We are very grateful to the novitiate formation team comprised of Fr. Mario Belotti, the Novice Master, Fr. Ernest Akhonya, the assistant to the Novice Master and Fr. Sherwin Nuñez, the community bursar and the current assistant to the Novice Master. We are thankful to the members of the Montfortian family who have helped us with some sessions like: Rev. Fr. Paul Arnel Lucero, the Delegate Superior of the Montfort Missionaries in the Philippines, Sr. Nancy, the former Novice Mistress for the Daughters of Wisdom, and Ana Marie, a Montfortian Lay Associate, President of Friends of Wisdom and Coordinator of the “TotusTuus” in the Philippines. We also wish to thank all the facilitators of different modular classes during our Exodus Program. The above-mentioned persons have enkindled in us the flaming desire towards acquiring Jesus, Wisdom of God, in whose being our souls find complete joy. We are very glad for the process has empowered us to be true disciples of Christ in today’s world.
We thank all our parents, guardians and friends for their parental and fraternal guidance. Above all, we are grateful to them for accepting and supporting our vocation to the Montfortian Religious Life. Like Our Blessed Mother who always journeys with her son and his disciples, so we hope they will continue to accompany us with their prayers and support.
Our experience in the Novitiate affirms Psalm 84 which reads, “A day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere”. Indeed, we are amazed at what we have acquired within a short period of time and we hardly find the most suitable vocabulary or phrase to express our sense of thankfulness. Hence in our verbal limitedness we say: “That which we have failed to express verbally let it be expressed in silent admiration”.  Indeed, that is the common feeling among the newly professed Montfortian Missionaries whose names are: Emil Marlin L. Verson, Von Ryan S. Martinez, Lovemore Alexander Masache, Timothy Gabriel Banda, Petro Chilumpha, Fortune Gondwe and Eugene Escario.
It is our desire, like Father De Montfort, to make Jesus and his Blessed Mother known, honoured and loved by all.

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