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“LAKBAY MONTFORTANO” Montfortian Walk 2016

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 30/11/2016 15:38:00
The Montfortian Mission in San Jose del\nMonte City, Bulacan continuesto touch the lives of our lay faithful. The fruit\nof its untiring evangelization brought us new hope for a possible opening of\nthe quasi-parish which will be entrusted to the Montfort Fathers. Earlier this\n2016, through the efforts of the SMM Bulacan Community and the parish priest of\nthe Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, the lay people are being prepared for the\nfoundation of a new parish which is to be named Santo Cristo de Montfort. For a\nstart of bringing to the hearts of the lay people the spirit of Father de\nMontfort, the Montfortian Family Tercentenary Committee organized for the first\ntime an event which we called: “Lakbay Montfortano” (Montfortian Walk). The\nplan was then coordinated and implemented by Rev. Fr. Rene Bustillo, SMM and\nRev. Fr. Francisco Tacio, SMM and the lay faithful in that new community. The\nevent was held on November 19, 2016. Among the many people who joined in the\nevent were the Legion of Mary and other active parishioners of Santa Teresita\nParish, representatives from the Daughters of Wisdom, our Totus Tuus Journey\nAssociates and our Scholastics, Novices, Postulants and Collegians. The\nPilgrimage started at the chapel of Santo Cristo around 5:30 in the morning.\nThere were six stations which showed the important scenes in the life of Father\nde Montfort. The walk ended at the chapel of the Montfort House of Prayer and\nPostulants House in Purok 5, Paradise III through the celebration of the Holy\nEucharist. The Mass was presided over by our newly ordained priest in the\nperson of Rev. Fr. Gener C. Pito, SMM with some Montfort Priests concelebrants.\nThe homily was given by Rev. Fr. Richard J. Magararu, SMM, the Delegation\nSuperior. The ”Lakbay Montfortano” was a part of the Celebration of the\nTercentenary Anniversary of the death of Father de Montfort, which in the\nPhilippines is a year-long celebration (April 28, 2016 – April 28, 2017). The\noccasion was also a thanksgiving Mass of Fr. Gener who was assigned in the\nplace as a deacon. The whole event culminated by the planting of a Cross with the\ninscription “Cross is Wisdom and Wisdom is the Cross.” After the mass, everyone\ngathered outside in the slope of the Rosary Garden to witness this touching\nmoment. Lastly, a simple lunch packs wrapped in banana leaves were distributed\nto all the pilgrims. For most of the pilgrims who were present in the “Lakbay\nMontfortano”, one of the good thoughts common among them was a grace-filled\njourney to the life of Father de Montfort never minding how long we have\nwalked. It was as if all were in France witnessing how Montfort has\nsuccessfully brought many people closer to God through Mary in his life here on\nearth. For the parishioners of the Santo Cristo de Montfort Quasi-Parish, it\nwas indeed the start of something great for the glory of God Alone! May the burning\nlove for God alone remain always in us! -Armel Collantes SMM Scholastic

Ordination to Priesthood of Rev. Gener Pito, SMM

Published by Bro. Francois Leonard P. Ancheta, SMM in newsupdate · 22/10/2016 15:33:00
With Gratitude to God, on the 13th of\nOctober 2016, the Company of Mary celebrated a momentous event on the\nanniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima with the Presbyterial\nOrdination of Reverend Gener Calado Pito, SMM held at Saint John the Evangelist\nCathedral, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. The celebration was officiated by the Most\nReverend Elmer Mangalinao, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Lingayen-Dagupan who\nrevealed that it was his first ordination rite after being consecrated a\nbishop. Also present during the celebration wasthe Archbishop of\nLingayen-Dagupan the Most Reverend Socrates Villegas,D.D. and the members of\nthe Montfort Missionaries PhiIippine Delegation headed by Rev. Fr. Richard J.\nMagararu, SMM, Delegation Superior and some guest priests. In his homily,\nBishop Elmer shared with the faithful the importance of priesthood in the light\nof Jesus’ example as a Good Shepherd. He also reminded them of their\nresponsibilities to help pray and support our priests. The Bishop encouraged\nRev. Gener to carry out his mission of leading God’s flock to the right path in\na spirit of self giving, while facing the challenges that may come along the\nway as a new priest. He reminded Rev. Gener of the importance of a strong\nrelationship with God in prayer and a loving and merciful service to the people\nentrusted to him. The event was attended by the Daughters of Wisdom, SMM Lay\nAssociates and Mission Partners, SMM parishioners from Sta. Teresita Parish\n(Makati City), St.Louis-Marie de Montfort Parish (Bolosan, Dagupan), SMM\nCommunities from Timog (Quezon City) and San Jose de Monte, Bulacan and family,\nfriends and relatives of Rev. Gener from Burgos, La union and Sablan, Benguet.\nRight after the mass, all the participants were served dinner and later\nentertained with a short cultural program. The celebration was made possible by\nthe help of various people who worked together to make this a memorable and\nsuccessful occasion. -Bro. Francois Leonard Ancheta

Presbyteral Ordination of Rev. Fr. Federick B. Yumang, SMM

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 7/8/2016 15:29:00
On May 13, 2016, Feast of Our Lady of\nFatima, the SMM Philippines rejoiced in the Lord for the gift of a new priest\nin our congregation and to the whole church, in the person of Rev. Fr. Federick\nB. Yumang, SMM. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist started at 5:00 PM at\nSanta Teresita Parish, West Rembo, Makati City. It was graced by Most Reverend\nSocrates B. Villegas, DD, Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan as the ordaining\nprelate together with SMM Priests headed by Rev. Fr. Richard J. Magararu, SMM,\nthe Delegation Superior and his council as concelebrants. Archbishop Villegas\nin his homily has inspired everyone that the Church is so blessed to have a new\npriest. He gave a very inspirational message to Fr. Federick on how to remain a\nfaithful and holy Montfortian Priest. The celebration was attended by the whole\nMontfortian family: Montfort Missionaries, Daughters of Wisdom, Brothers of St.\nGabriel and our lay associates, as well as the Bonifacio and Yumang Families\nand friends. A simple yet splendid meal was served at the covered court after\nthe Holy Eucahrist. Everyone thanked the Lord through our Blessed Mother Mary\nfor the gift of Fr. Federick to the Church. Glory to God Alone! -Bro. Armel R.\nCollantes, SMM

A Journey Towards a New Church; New Life: The Basic Ecclesial Communities Of St. Louis-Marie Grignion De Montfort Parish, Dagupan City

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 4/8/2016 15:26:00
After a very fruitful Facilitators’\nTraining and Workshop on the Basic Ecclesial Community for the active lay\nleaders of the Parish of St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Dagupan City,\neveryone was enthusiastic to begin the mission. On June 26, 2016, Sunday, the\nBEC Facilitators were officially ‘sent’ through the celebration of the Holy\nEucharist at Bolosan. It was presided by the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Santiago\nE. Casing, SMM with concelebrants, Rev. Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduaan, SMM, parish\nvicar and Rev. Fr. Norwyn V. Baydo, SMM, the homilist. The BEC Facilitators\nwith their burning zeal for evangelization, have started giving the BEC\nSeminars to the three Zones of the Pilot Mission Area which is the District of\nMangin, Dagupan City. On July 2-7, 2016, the seminar was held at the Esguerra\nCompound for the community in Zone A. Although there was an outpouring of rain,\nit did not hinder the people to participate in the seminar. Their intense\ndesire to build the Basic Ecclesial Community remained steadfast. On the last\nday of the seminar, two BEC clusters were formed. On the next day, there was a\nBlessing of the Family Mission Cross and a procession to Zone B followed. A\nvery good number of people joined the celebration especially the community of\nZone B, as they have joyfully welcomed the Parish Mission Cross, the Image of\nOur Lady of the Way and St. LouisMarie de Montfort to their Chapel. The BEC\nseminar for Zone B was held on July 11-16, 2016. The active participation of\nthe lay faithful during the seminar was very motivating and inspiring. The BEC\nfacilitators have worked much for the glory of God. In Zone B, there were four\nBEC Clusters that were successfully formed at the end of the 6-day seminar. On\nJuly 17, Sunday, the mission at Zone B ended with a Eucharistic Celebration at\n6:30 in the morning. The Family Mission Cross brought by the families were\nbeing blessed, as a sign of the Montfortian Mission in their community and a\nconstant reminder for them to continue the mission of Christ. It was also on\nthat same time, wherein the SMM Scholasticate Community, headed by Rev. Fr. Norwyn\nV. Baydo, SMM, the Master of Scholastics and the four Scholastics expressed\ntheir gratitude for their hospitality, generosity and love as they bid\nfarewell. The BEC Seminar for Zone C was held on July 19-24 at the residence of\nArchitect Ganaden. The BEC Facilitators together with our parish priests have\nworked together. At the end, they have successfully formed four BEC Clusters.\nAll Glory to God Alone! -Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM

Consecration and First Religious Profession of Brothers Samuel, Lester, Athanasius and Laurent in the Company of Mary

Published by Bro Athanasius Maliko Chivunga, SMM and Bro Laurent James Juma, SMM in newsupdate · 2/8/2016 15:23:00
Every man who is engaged to a woman looks\nforward to the day of his wedding. During the period of engagement, he looks at\nhis lover with the eyes of truth. His heart and mind are all given to his lover\nbecause he wants to know both her likes and dislikes. He tries as much as\npossible to ask the people with marriage experience to help him to understand\nwhat marriage is all about. He submits himself to his lover: he is with her\nforever, not only on some occasional moments. When the day of his wedding\ncomes, this man is the happiest person on earth: he is in his best element. He\nlooks forward to seeing how he is going to grow old with his lover not how he\nwill leave her at some point in time. During the wedding, this man makes vows\nto his lover with all his heart. This was our experience of the novitiate\njourney. It was a year-long process for us to know and love ‘Eternal Wisdom’.\nIt was a period of engagement during which many people, with deep marriage\nexperience with Eternal Wisdom, helped us to understand our lover, his likes\nand dislikes. The consecration we made on 31st July 2016, marks our commitment\nto Eternal Wisdom as our lover. It was a great moment for us because,\nthroughout the novitiate process, we had been preparing ourselves for this day\nof commitment. It was a day when we saw our lover coming to us in all his\nhumility. He was there so that we could get wedded to Wisdom, as it really\nhappened. Now, more than ever we belong to the family of Eternal Wisdom. To\nshow our faithfulness to our lover we renewed our baptismal promises and we\nvowed to live by his word, the word written of the Bible. We gave ourselves to\nhim not as mere subjects but as slaves of love who serve their master out of\ntheir own free will. We are the slaves of the Virgin Mary who has helped us to\ngrow more intimate with her son Jesus Christ. Indeed, we have seen him and have\nvowed that we will love and serve him as our beloved Master. The commitment we\nhave made does not result as a burden but as a call for us to love Jesus more\nthan the way we have loved him before. Now we are no longer merely acquainted\nto him but his real friends and lovers. We respect and obey him for he is our\nhead and we his body. We are like a married woman who is obliged to love and be\nfaithful to her husband alone. Now it is our responsibility to love and obey\nhim in everything. Our Consecration is a wedding ring which we will wear on our\nfingers for the rest of our lives. The consecration helped us to see the love\nof God in the Company of Mary, in which we made our first religious profession,\non 1stAugust 2016. This day too will remain in us forever. With the vows we\nmade to our lover, Eternal Wisdom, we have taken him as our “everything”. This\nwas the day we left all childish things aside and embarked on a journey toward\nfull maturity and faithfulness. It was a moment that made our hearts leap with joy.\nIt made us cry within ourselves out of joy and gratitude to God for choosing us\nto be his servants. In the presence of the Montfortian family and the Christian\ncommunity, we took our first vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. We thank\nall those who helped us to make such a courageous decision. Without them we\nwouldn’t have been able to know and understand the momentous significance of\nwhat we have done. This day marked the beginning of our new ministry as\nMontfortians. We are called to love Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary, his\nas well as our faithful Mother. On this occasion we vowed to obey him through\nthe superiors who guide us in his place. We promised to be Liberos: always\nready to obey when those in authority ask us to work for Christ and the Church.\nWe never regret taking this vow because it will help us to deeply love and\ngenerously serve Christ and our neighbour. We vowed to be chaste for his glory\nalone. With conviction we gave ourselves to him not as men running away from\nthe world but as men running towards the world with the eyes of God. Our\nchastity is not a burdensome obligation but a decision made out of love and\ncoming from the depth of our heart. We believe that we cannot be chaste if we\ndo not sincerely love Christ and others. With full conviction we took the vow\nof poverty. Our religious poverty does not make us idle but generates in us the\nvery dynamic life of Christ and his apostles: always at work in order to serve\nand provide for others. With our founder today we say: “We are Liberos, men\nalways on the move, without mother, father, brother or sister as the world\nunderstands them”. Our Consecration and Profession have made us real crusaders\nof Christ. We are the friends of Eternal Wisdom forever. As Montfort\nsays,“Wisdom is the cross and the cross is Wisdom”. We have been called to\ncarry our cross and follow him, who called us from the beginning. To be a\nfriend of Christ is to be a friend of the cross. Religious life is not a venue\nof luxuries but willingness to suffer for the sake of God: the kingdom of God\nis for those who are strong. With the Blessed Virgin Mary we say: “Our souls\nglorify the Lord for He has looked with favour on His lowly servants; Holy is\nHis name”. Indeed, as servants of the Lord, we let His will to be done in us.\nWith Saint Paul we say, “We have competed well and we have finished the race.\nNow we no longer live but Christ lives in us”. 
- Bro Athanasius Maliko Chivunga,\nsmm Bro Laurent James Juma, smm

Montfortian Mission at St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort Parish, Dagupan City

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 30/7/2016 15:19:00
On July 2, 2016, the parish of St.\nLouis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Dagupan City has officially opened its First\nMontfortian Mission. The Parish has chosen Barangay Mangin as its Pilot Mission\nArea. The celebration started with a Dawn Procession at 4:00 AM from the Chapel\nof Bolosan to the venue of the Holy Mass at the covered court of Mangin-Tebeng\nElementary School. Hundreds of parishioners coming from the different barangays\nhave participated in the Opening of the Mission. The Parish Mission Cross, the\nImage of Our Lady of the Way and St. Louis-Marie de Montfort were the highlight\nfor procession as these images were received with open hearts by the people of\nBarangay Mangin, as a symbol of their acceptance and participation in God’s\nmission. The Holy Eucharist started after the procession at 6:00 AM. It was\npresided by Rev. Fr. Richard J. Magararu, SMM, Philippine Delegation Superior\nwith concelebrants, Rev. Fr. Federick B. Yumang, SMM, the Delegation Bursar;\nRev. Fr. Santiago E. Casing, SMM, parish priest and Rev. Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduan,\nSMM, parish vicar. The active participation and positive response of the people\nin the mission area were very inspiring and motivating for all of us\nMontfortians. It truly shows how the presence of the Montfortians has greatly\ntouched the hearts of many people in Dagupan. Prior to the opening of the\nMontfortian Mission, the people were being prepared through the Basic Ecclesial\nCommunity (BEC) Facilitators’ Training and Workshop held on June 5-10, 2016 and\nthe PreMission Activities such as House Visitations and Blessings and Triduum\nMasses in Zones A, B, and C of Barangay Mangin. The members of the\nScholasticate Community under the direction of Rev. Fr. Norwyn V. Baydo, SMM,\nthe Master of Scholastics have given their total self in giving the BEC\nseminars for Formators, in coordination with the SMM Dagupan Community headed\nby Rev. Fr. Santiago E. Casing, SMM, the parish priest. There are more mission\nactivities to be done in the coming days especially the building of the Basic\nEcclesial Communities. Glory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to God Alone! -Bro. Armel\nR. Collantes, SMM

Celebration of the 69th Canonization Anniversary of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort

Published by Fr. Federick B. Yumang, SMM in newsupdate · 22/7/2016 15:15:00
To mark the celebration of the 69th\nanniversary of the canonization of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, the Montfort\nMissionaries Philippine Delegation organized a catechism and feeding program in\nPurok 4 Barangay Kakawate, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan last July 17, 2016.\nThe youth leaders in the area together with the SMM Collegians worked together\nin animating the children with songs, games and dances. Just like a “Mission a\nla Montfort” the children were also taught basic prayers and some stories on\nthe life of the holy “Apostolic Missionary” which everybody enjoyed. After the\ncatechism the food prepared by the mission partners in the area was served. The\nchildren really enjoyed the afternoon of sharing and laughter, which was\nvisible on their faces. This simple yet meaningful event is another\ngrace-filled experience to all those who came and became part of this humble\nendeavour. With hearts filled with joy for the goodness of God, the children\nwent home bringing with them the experience of God’s compassion and loving\ncare. They are grateful not only to God but also to all those who in one way or\nanother made this event successful for the glory of GOD ALONE! -Fr. Federick\nYumang, SMM

Tercentenary Celebration in the Philippines

Published by Bro. Adrian S. Acosta, Collegian in newsupdate · 2/5/2016 15:10:00
The 300th death anniversary of St. Louis De Montfort is worth commemorating. The Montfortian Family in the Philippines, namely: Montfort Missionaries, Daughters of Wisdom, the Brothers of Saint Gabriel and Associates combined all efforts to set out a three day program to make known this great Marian Saint and his spirituality. This Triduum was dubbed as “A Marian Journey with Saint Louis Marie de Montfort”. Montfort’s wisdom saying, “It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ came into the world and it is also through her that he must reign in the world”, moved all even more with zeal, as they went on with their mission. The theme “Burning Love for God Alone” captured this response and challenge to all Montfortians in the Philippines. First activity was on Montforts’ feast day, April 28, 2016, a procession was held at the Saint Therese Parish, parading both Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise that shows the inseparability of the two. Seminarians carried with them pictures depicting the different descriptions of Montfort. This was followed by the Celebration of the Eucharist presided by Most Reverend Bishop Ernesto Delgado, D.D. Bishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia. And then, a very festive reception called “Barrio Fiesta” was held after the mass. It showcased different folk dances of the Philippines, traditional games and local food. The second activity was a Marian Conference that was held at the University of Makati Theatre on April 29, 2016. It was the main event for Montfort’s tribute and a way to spread the wisdom of Montfort. The effort poured on this event was nothing but the best from the main speaker, Fr. Mario Belotti, SMM. He in a very special way brought the assembly to the knowledge of who St. Louis de Montfort is, translated in his language of love for both the Saint and the pilgrims. The talk once again has proven St. Louis de Montfort as a passionate lover of Mary. His very own Marian journey brought himself to the burning love for God alone! This event was made possible through the cooperation with the University of Makati Catholic Campus Ministry. Third, a pilgrimage was held on April 30, 2016, visiting five Marian churches in Manila namely: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary La Naval de Manila, National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Senora de Guia and Our Mother of Perpetual Help National Shrine. Typical in the pilgrimage were the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Holy Rosary said while in the bus. Intersperse in the prayers are Marian songs led by the seminarians. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist was at the first stop, Our Lady of La Naval or Sto. Domingo church, which was presided by Fr. Richard Magararu, SMM. The pilgrimage’s highlight was paying homage to the Icon of the Perpetual Help in the famous Shrine in Baclaran. It ended with a sharing of the experiences of each pilgrim before departing for home.   -Adrian S. Acosta

The Lovers Fly: The Totus Tuus Journey Facilitators Workshop

Published by Maria Evelina Deblois, TTJ Facilitator in newsupdate · 28/4/2016 14:56:00
In early 2015, in one of the core group's\nmeetings at the Montfort Center in Scout Madriñan, a concern of some TTJ\nparticipants was brought to the attention of the core group that when we give\nsessions we tend to give inputs from our own perspectives and oftentimes the\nlink between each session is not established. With that feedback, one good thing\nhappened. Somebody listened and verbalized the need for a 'facilitators\ntraining'. And he did not only listen but went without hesitation to Father\nMario Belotti with the proposal for a 'trainers training'. Listening,\npondering, and putting into action. How Mary-like! And isn't that discipleship?\nAnd that opened the door for the three-day TTJ workshop. This can also be said\nas OPENING THE DOOR FOR JESUS CHRIST. Thus, on April 22 to 24, 2016, 2 whole\ndays (8:30am to 5pm) and a half (8:30am to 12nn) the TTJ Workshop was realized.\nIt was attended by the Montfortian Family (Montfort Missionaries, Daughters of\nWisdom, Brothers of St. Gabriel), and the TTJ Facilitators from Manila, Cebu\nand Bicol. On the first day of the workshop, Rev. Fr. Richard J. Magararu, SMM,\nthe Delegation Superior of the SMM Philippines gave us an inspirational and\nwelcome message. It was followed by the brief presentation of the history of\nthe Totus Tuus Journey in the Philippines by Ms. Ana Marie F. Fondevilla. The\nworkshop proper started with an evaluation of the past (1986-2016) where\nrecommendations for the TTJ process as experienced in the past 30 years were\ngiven. In it major constraints or limitations encountered as participants\nand/or facilitators were also brought out. The sharing of experiences among the\nfacilitators and the Montfortian family were very inspiring and motivating to\nall of us. On the second day of the workshop, copies of the latest edition of\nthe TTJ handbook entitled, JESUS LIVING IN MARY, Totus Tuus Journey were given\nto all participants. Father Mario, the author, introduced us to the methodology\nand led us as well or facilitated for us an actual session for us to\nfamiliarize its much enhanced methodology. But above all, before going through\nthe methodology, Father Mario admonished facilitators to please be humble. BE\nHUMBLE! Beware of acts of pride like going off to a session with the intention\nor presumption of showing off our knowledge. He advised us Before you go on\nmission, sit for a while with your ego; dialogue with it and invite it to stand\naside. Pray, consult and trust more the Spirit than the books you may have\nread. Again, in Father Mario's words, in conducting the TTJ process We have to\ndo our work with a sense of unworthiness. I need to remind myself that I’m\ndoing something bigger and larger than my own agenda. I’m the mouthpiece and\nthe voice of an awesome word! It’s worthwhile asking ourselves: ”Are we doing\nGod’s work or are we working for God but minding our own business?” On the last\nday of the workshop, Father Mario went over the contents of the new handbook\nwith us. Taking pains to present the criterion for the choice of the titles\nthat are placed under the various stages. And last but not the least, we set\nour sights to the future by presenting to the whole group what we can recommend\nfor a better presentation of the Totus Tuus Journey. As with the first two\ndays, we ended the sessions with the Holy Mass with Father Mario Belotti, SMM\nas main celebrant. The homily of Father Mario have touched our hearts\nespecially with these powerful words: “The righteous walk, The wise run, The\nlovers fly.” Not all will embark on conducting the TTJ. There are others who\nwill do other things. Either way, we are all facilitators. And in Father\nMario's words "...all of us, if we really trust the Spirit and the Love\nthat is motivating us, all of us are facilitators. And all of us are involved\nin the other things that are part of the story. Love doesn't have limits,\nboundaries. Love is presenting us with surprises. And we are to be open to\nthose surprises. So, lovers, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off!\nGlory to Jesus in Mary! Glory to Mary in Jesus! Glory to God Alone! 

Presbyterate Ordination of Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduan, SMM and Diaconate Ordination of Rev. Federick B. Yumang, SMM and Rev. Gener C. Pito, SMM

Published by Bro. Armel R. Collantes, SMM in newsupdate · 8/12/2015 13:19:00
MAKATI CITY, Philippines – The Montfortian Family celebrated the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, 2015 with the Presbyterate and Diaconate Ordinations held at Santa Teresita Parish, West Rembo, Makati City. One priest and two deacons have become the newest addition to the SMM Philippine Delegation. The newly ordained priest is Rev. Fr. Arnel V. Pagaduan, SMM from Cavite and the newly ordained deacons are Rev. Federick B. Yumang, SMM from Macabebe, Pampanga and Rev. Gener C. Pito, SMM from Burgos, La Union. Before the celebration started, the Montfortians gathered to pray the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. At exactly 9:00 in the morning, the celebration started. It was presided by Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, DD of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan together with SMM Priests headed by Rev. Fr. Paul Arnel L. Lucero and his council along with some guest priests as concelebrants, Rev. Romeo and Rev. Fr. Rene S. Bustillo, SMM as the Master of Ceremony. It was indeed a momentous moment for the Fr. Arnel, Rev. Federick and Rev. Gener for it was graced by the presence of their families, relatives and friends from the different parts of the country and even abroad. Archbishop Socrates Villegas reminded them that their role is valuable being the messengers, watchmen and stewards of the Lord. He motivated the people to take care of their priests and to pray for them. Before the celebration ended, the newly ordained priest and deacons gave their word of gratitude to the Lord and to all the people who have supported them in their journey. A splendid and joyful meal was served at the covered court. Everyone was happy, thanking the Lord for the gift of priest and deacons in the Church.
-Armel Collantes, SMM Scholastic

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